B2B Appointment Setting-

At Exnovation we provide you specialized appointment settings one that let your business to grow. We help you increase your business appointments percentage greatly. We have a team of experienced and ROI focused individuals who would schedule these appointments for you, therefore, letting your sales team focus more on conducting these essential meetings right and profitably. Therefore we could also be called as the productivity hackers for your business.  

Contact us as we can help in-

  1. Arranging regular flow of appointments

  2. Providing necessary expert insights

  3. Increasing profits and efficiency.

We serve you along trained Telecallers, one who would ensure that every call that is made is reported tangibly and can be measured for results. With us, it is always closing of more business so that there is a phenomenal growth of your company.

We aim to make your internet presence such as communication and transactions more effective. This will be made possible by the used of the best web plan and tools. It will be more than enough to reach the wider global market.

Contact info

  • 39 DumDum Road, Kolkata - 700074
  • +91 9836333800
  • exnovationi
  •    exnovationi
  • Info@exnovation.net


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